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You have successfully installed WebSite from O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. WebSite's many features bring power and flexibility to both you and your web server. Features in WebSite (most of which are demonstrated in the self-test and demonstration) include: We encourage you to step through the Server Self-Test and Demonstration, look at the example Visual Basic 4 and C/C++ server applications, and check out the online chapters of the WebSite book that are online at O'Reilly Software Online.

Getting Started

To get started with WebSite, we recommend you do the following:
  1. Send in the registration card in the front of the Getting Started book, or register online in the registration area at WebSite Central.
  2. Perform the Server Demonstration and Self-Test (local server must be running)
  3. Read the Release Notes

    WebSite Online Resources

    WebSite includes online resources and examples for a variety of topics:

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